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How to reset the pad printing Epson WorkForce WF-7515

The reset pads Epson WorkForce WF-7515 is a software called adjustment program, to tell the printer that the number of pages printed so far is not real and can continue printing.
Ink pads are physically a sponge under the purge of Epson printers, system level are a number of pages which the manufacturer believes that it is necessary to replace the pads or replace the printer on the other.

Then will supply both the procedure and the direct download link of software with the printer described in the title, it is recommended even download the software, be very careful with its execution because of not doing something correctly will cause damage to irreversible printer.
reset printer WorkForce WF-7515
reset printer WorkForce WF-7515
This software may be compatible with other printers, identify the compatibility before proceeding with the installation right where you should select the USB port where the printer is connected.

Download program to reset pads WorkForce WF-7515

Even downloading do the most important thing is the procedure to avoid damaging the printer, which is described below it is to restore printing pads.

Procedure to run the restoration of pads WorkForce WF-7515

Must have pending this does not improve print quality, much less ink levels are reset, one thing is sure and that is that the error disappears the print pads have reached their useful life.

If you have any problems running the software and need extra help just write a comment, gladly will be answered as quickly as possible, you may need to change the printer to appear as the default because after doing reset, the name of adding the printer before the name change (copy 1).


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