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How to reset pads Epson Stylus NX530

To reset pads Epson Stylus NX530 will then get two links, one to learn how to download the program from the manufacturer's website and the other link is to learn how to run the software properly without damaging the printer.
reset printer epson nx530
reset printer nx530
These printers have a page limit which block the printer when it comes to print about 15,000 pages average, a message that is necessary to bring the printer to Epson support to reset.
The restoration in Epson can cost even more than the printer, but can do it for free, with the consent of the pads continue filling with ink, you must not worry so much, requires at least about 5 more reset to the need to change pads.

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Download the tool to restore pillows on Epson Stylus NX530

Below is a link that lets you apply the software downloaded correctly, without damaging the printer, follow the steps described as such, if you need some extra help just write a comment.

Process to restore the pads Epson Stylus NX530

This method does not repair and printing quality, much less restore the ink levels you can only remove error associated with pads.

Always remember that any problem should only post a comment, gladly will answer in the shortest possible time.


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