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How to reset pads Epson Stylus Photo R2880

Follow the tips below to reset the pad printing Epson Stylus Photo R2880 as they are necessary if you have printed an amount considered for replacement message appears.
restoring pads
restoring pads
The restoration of the pads does not improve print quality, much less ink levels, if you have any other error that ignores their cause do not run this software.
Here are two links to use, you get one that will allow the software to download and restore function pads and another to run the downloaded program.

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Download the software reset for Epson Stylus Photo R288

Do not run this software before reading the procedure to do it properly, make any mistake can damage the printer so that it can not be repaired anymore.

Process for the restoration of pillows

If you know any other procedure, or think you can add something to the information in this publication just write a comment.


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