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How to reset pads Epson WorkForce 310/315

Printing pads mark the number of pages that make finished printer warranty, and the need to buy another or bring a Epson service that repairs will cost just to buy another printer.
reset epson printer
reset epson printer
But not everything is bad news, because thanks to this post will restore print pads and continue using the printer for the same amount of pages that has been used so far — more than anyone you know are actually many pages — so not much to worry about and just follow the steps below.
If you experience any problems, always remember to post a comment, gladly be answered as quickly as possible, because we are for that.

The next file you download will be obtained from the manufacturer's website, so this ensures a little more the process is only to be used by technical because of the complexity of the procedure, but if you make the entire procedure as will be described below should not to worry.

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Download program to reset pads Epson WorkForce 310/315

Even download the program for recovery, it is recommended not begin the process until you have completely read the steps below on how to run the software.

How to run the software reset for Epson pads

The steps described in the above link are very important, especially when speaking of the waste ink pad counter, do not push other option not mentioned here.

The restoration of the pads does not improve print quality, does not reset the ink levels, do not run this software by simply ignoring an error.


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