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How to reset the pads on Epson Artisan 730

The procedure to reset or restore pads Epson printers, using a software called Epson adjustment program, and order the printer to continue printing, so you can still continue to print more without carrying customer service.
procedure to restore pads Epson Artisan 730
procedure to restore pads Epson Artisan 730
The manufacturer in the operating software of the printer, place a number of pages in which considers it necessary to replace the pads printing excess ink, the pads are physically located at the bottom where lie the cartridges and system level are a number of pages to be printed block the machine, asking that we carry to Epson support.
Then we will supply both the procedure for using the software and the software for the restoration of the pads.

Follow the steps described as such and be careful with the implementation of the software, if you do it the right way as described in the publication may damage your printer without future solution.

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Link to download the software adjustment and reset the pads Artisian 730 All-in-One

Download the software and keep it in a place easy to find — eg desktop computer — and then make the reset procedure, we will supply another publication.

Note that you need an email, to know the model of the printer using the serial printer and that the same mistake this as presenting the full pads — please run this software if the error is not displayed on the computer — following to link that will tell you how to implement the adjustment program.

Execution process for resetting the Artisan 730 All-in-one

Reset printing pads, even if it seems easy from this post, do not follow the steps which we have described so may damage the printer, such as not press anything more than what is said in part to implement the reset.

The printer will be reset when it may appear under a different name — for example (copy 1) after the name of the printer — this will need to change the printer which has as default, and place which now appears (copy 1) forward.


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