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How to reset pads WorkForce 320/323/325 printers (solution)

Is important to know we bought electronic items to a day, and Epson printers are clear example of this, when the error of the pads are filled completely, we lost the guaranteed.
epson reset the pads
epson reset the pads
Are supposed when error is appears the printer replaced with another, but you may not have the money.
This is when we ourselves using this tool to solve the problem, we only need to follow the steps below and get a quick and safe solution.

Two links Here one where to get the program to download from the manufacturer's website and one that has the procedure to run the same software previously downloaded.

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Download the software reset for WorkForce 320 / 323 / 325

Do not run the software without any form read how to do, should be very careful because to do so in the wrong way may damage the printer.

How to run the software reset for Epson

This does not improve print quality, much less restore the ink levels, so it is recommended to buy new ink cartridges.


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