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How to reset the print pads for devices Epson WorkForce 500

If the Epson WorkForce 500 printer displayed on the screen of the computer error that printing pads have reached their useful life, you need to do a restore from them.
restoring pads Epson
restoring pads Epson
To restore need to download software that we use below, and read an entire procedure used specifically for the program.
With this information and a tool that will download it does not improve print quality, much less return the amount of ink in the cartridges — this means the ink levels return them to zero — but if we can continue printing and the printer does not present the error.

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Download the software that will be used to restore the print pads

Follow the steps as such for downloading the software and know you will need to know the serial printer, have a valid email, and follow the steps below.

Procedure to restore the pads (steps)

If you have questions, something to contribute or need any specific indication, just type a comment in the form at the end of this publication will be answered as quickly as possible with a solution to your concern.

The software below is from webpage manufacturer of the printer, is why better performance and do not guarantee that your computer will be damaged with harmful files.


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