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How to reset the print pads for Epson WorkForce 40

When the printer displays the message that it is necessary to reset the printing pads, we have to run a software and follow a procedure exactly to clear the error and continue to operate the printer correctly.
reset epson workforce
reset epson workforce
Below is a method to restore printing pads and downloading the program that will allow from the manufacturer's website.
This does not improve print quality, much less ink levels, if you have problem with the ink quality must change the ink cartridges for new.

If you are not having a problem running the printer does not reset then this only works for the error that printing pads are completely filled.

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Download the software to reset the print pads Epson WorkForce 40

I need to know where the serial of your printer, have a valid email and your printer is showing the error on the computer screen.

Unlike other restoration pads such as the Canon printers, your printer will not need to enter the service mode or press any buttons on it.

Procedure to run the restoration of Epson printers pads

You must be very careful with your key presses in this process, any wrong step can do serious damage to the printer.

If you have any questions, just write a comment, gladly will be answered as quickly as possible, please mention your printer model in case not be the one presented in this post.


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