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How to reset the print pads for Epson WorkForce 30

It is necessary to reset the Epson printers when they reach a number of pages considered to be filled with ink tanks, the manufacturer is who program the printer memory to be locked when it reaches the right time to end the warranty.
epson WorkForce 30 printer
epson WorkForce 30 printer
The same manufacturer recommends to replace the printer, but in some cases do not want to switch to another or simply do not have sufficient funds to buy another printer.
Is the time to repair the printer, also include the repair cost is very high and possibly cost the same as buying a new one — this is if the repair in the center of attention recommended by Epson — otherwise can repair it for free of charge following the steps below.

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Link for download the software to reset Epson WorkForce 30

If not technical printer, you should not run the software without reading the steps to execute correctly.

Steps to run the software Epson Adjustment

The procedure described in this publication does not improve print quality, much less restore the ink levels so if you have another error is not related to printing pads do not run this software because it can damage the printer.


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