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How to reset printer cartridges Canon PIXMA MX410

The Canon PIXMA MX410 printer that uses ink cartridges PG-210 / CL-211 in the Americas, Europe and the PG-510 / CL-511 cartridges, two cartridges good performance and great quality printing.
If we fill the cartridges do not have continuous ink system, we may see a message that appears cartridges are empty, this it prevents printed yet.

Reset ink levels will not make that better quality printer, much less restore the ink levels, only reset to continue printing when the cartridges are refilled or have continuous ink system is made.
ink cartridges with low ink
ink cartridges with low ink
Then print the number of pages for this made the cartridge, which usually are about 200 page this error has to appear, the message we get is that the ink levels are low, to solve this problem, just have to press and leave the button stop / reset for 10 seconds.

Make the procedure when sent to print a document, is when the error message usually occurs both on screen of the printer and the computer, the printer usually flashing button cartridge is empty and the printer specified the error which is the cartridge is completely or almost empty.

The printer begins a process like printing - we expect this end - after printing resumes, which we are printing and will be able to print without error at least 200 pages appears.


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