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How to solve the error 1688 Canon PIXMA printers

The Canon printers have recently changed some error codes, such as multifunction PIXMA MX models have the error 1688 indicating the current ink cartridge is exhausted.
low Ink in Canon printers classiccat
low Ink in Canon printers classiccat
It is cruel when the error appears and we know that there is sufficient ink cartridges do not give errors, especially if ending of refilling ink system and the tanks are completely filled.
It is when we say "but this error should not appear," although there are several reasons, in which the ink cartridge has enough liquid and still present the error.

When the printer has an ink system but does not arrive at ink cartridge is the same thing if the cartridge has no ink the cartridges are heated and the error is coming.

The solution here is to bleeding of the ink cartridge that reaches from the tanks, on the other hand if the cartridge fills or know that you have ink must let rest a bit before putting the cartridges.

The error actually occurs because the ink is not dispersed throughout the sponge, this causes a heating cartridge connectors, taking these to send a message that something is wrong, the manufacturer recommends replacing the cartridge but these are very expensive, follow the post to look for a cheaper solution.

A quick way to solve this problem and if we know that actually have ink on you ink system is working properly, it is accepted that the ink is empty which is accomplished by pressing and let down by about 5 or 6 seconds button stop / reset.
canon PIXMA printer portugal
canon PIXMA printer portugal
In this way we accept that the print quality can vary but we agree to continue printing is recommended do this when the error occurs, if the printer is connected to your computer, if it is not, we will see flashes of colors ink, is when you need to press the same way the stop / reset buttons.

It may help our publication as reset printers Canon

After doing this procedure the estimated ink levels are disabled, if you want the ink levels appear again, you must replace the ink cartridge with a new one as remanufactured have low ink levels.

If you have questions, related or need additional advice, just write a comment, I gladly will do my best to help you in the shortest possible time.


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