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How to solve the error P02 printers Canon PIXMA MG2120

The error P02 printers Canon PIXMA MG2120, can occur for reasons easy to solve, is one of the first cartridge-related problems and the possibility of having problems with the connectors.
ink cartridges for Canon printers
ink cartridges for Canon printers
The problem may not be that definitely need to change the cartridge, it is possible that only the ink cartridges are improperly placed, so we will need to follow the procedure below.
It is recommended to remove the ink cartridges and place them again in this way can solve any problem related to the beginning that the cartridges are doing a bad contact.

This usually occurs more frequently when we use ink systems Canon printers because hoses can put a position to cartridges that may not be the best to run.

Replace one or both cartridges that are burned

It is possible that one or both ink cartridges have been burned, to identify when this happens, we recommend visiting our publication as whether the ink cartridge is burned.

When this happens, there is only change the ink cartridge with a new or remanufactured, you can prevent this from happening always keeping the cartridge with ink "in case you fill in" when using continuous ink system should always check the ink is coming from hoses to the cartridges.

Remove any paper jam

This machine, unlike previous PIXMA, pages, enters the printing process the front, so the number of errors that occur for paper jams decreases, but still must be checked some moment the printing process.

Any lint or piece of paper with a page can enter and stay where it passes the page, and thereby create a paper jam will cause the error P02 PIXMA MG2120 printer.

Ink dirty on coder strip "film that moves the carriage"

This is a transparent film that is behind the carriage, it is who says the car when to stop or when to return back thanks to some points you have at the ends.

When this film is stained with ink, the printer can consider these points stains to stop, for it does not get to complete its route, causing the head to stop, thus releasing the P02 error.

This film is very delicate, so it is recommended to clean carefully, can break or come off extreme easily, make a cleaning alcohol and piece of clean clothing or napkin, if you see the ink has penetrated the middle of tape, replacing it with another.

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  1. Any advice on how to replace a coder strip that has completely come off?