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How to solve the error "protected ink cartridge" on Hewlett-Packard (HP)

The manufacturer of printers and cartridges (HP) Hewlett-Packard has implemented new methods to reduce the sale of pirated posing like originals in the market, these products are the generic cartridges but sold in the original packaging apparent not give the same quality and quality are at stake HP vs. consumers.
protect HP ink cartridges
protect HP ink cartridges
Even some people do not believe us, "the people who fill cartridges" or who remanufactured cartridges for HP and other manufacturers not represent such a threat, HP are shaped like like solving an example is the HP 122 ink cartridges little resistance.
At least from the ethical point of view must tolerate, as we are doing something to protect the environment, and the influence when fill a cartridge in the environment is great, the manufacturers can not blame a person when he fills out a cartridge because it is a property that has acquired and can do with it whatever he wants.

The real enemies of the manufacturers are counterfeiters, many cartridges are purchased every day without knowing that they are not really original and when users consume these products quality is not the best, meanwhile buy an ink cartridge remanufactured is more acceptable the user already knows the chances of malfunction.

This often becomes a nuisance when the cartridges are filled, if the printer has enabled the protection of cartridges to be detected, if we fill the cartridges and place it to the printer the ability to recognize it as a false cartridge is plentiful on the monitor computer appears that ink cartridge protected.

It really is not anything special, but if this error occurs frequently and fails to cancel the protection of the cartridges are recommended next cartridge refilling instructions.

How to disable the protection of HP ink cartridges in inkjet printers

  • Click the Start button on the desktop and primary display
  • Go to printer device (printing devices)
  • Select the printer you want to configure and press right click configuration
  • If you have the full printer drivers, the window will open resource center and see some options that correspond to HP toolbox
  • Click "protecting cartridges" tab as it appears in the picture above, click the "disable protecting cartridges"
choose to protect the cartridges hp
choose to protect the cartridges hp
  • Click save the settings and close the window
If you have tried the cartridge and this has given the error above, do not put it back immediately, first turn off the printer and leave this off, the electrical connector at least 10 minutes, then connect the cartridge to the printer again and try see if the problem persists.

If the printer is connected to a home Wi-Fi network or follow the directions below:
  • Reach printing devices - depends on operating system this using - and go to the properties of the printer connected to another printer.
  • Click on the printer properties and follow the same process outlined for the installed printer directly into a computer.
  • Finally click save and apply
  • Close the window to finish setting
If you need some extra help write a comment, gladly it will be answered as quickly as possible, even if you want to add something to the content will be well received.


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