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List of the top 5 brands of printers on the market

Below is a list of the top 5 brands of printers worldwide, can be considered that by its trajectory in the market of this instrument, which have become an important part of every office today.
list of the top 5 brands of printers 아우 크소 (
list of the top 5 brands of printers 아우 크소 (
There are many brand names for printers quantities, say you know only 20% of them, which is very little, but for performance and consistency in the market below a list of those considered the best, there are even more 50 years manufacturing printers.
At the beginning printers were intended only for consumption in offices, today has seen the need to expand its boundaries to the domestic houses and four university studies.

We have seen in the past ten years, great progress, for example the ability to print wirelessly, something not expected or could find it impossible to print from mobile devices and finally the double-sided printing.

Brother brand printers

Founded in 1954, it founded as Brother International Corporation is one of the largest and oldest companies engaged in manufacturing printers for home and business use.

Based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA, it offers great solutions in terms of printers is concerned.

Canon brand printers

Leader in the manufacture of printers, offers solutions for micro, medium and large companies, thanks to its range of products to suit the need of all.

Giving unbeatable quality printing affordable for any cost.

Dell branded printers

This covers part of the market, as it gives the possibility to companies to acquire its products with all their equipment including its famous computer hardware.

In the printing industry and it has an average of 3 decades, giving hope to small businesses and consumers with a possibility to purchase equipment for all users.

Epson brand printers

This manufacturer offers the best printers in its class, this being who has taken an important point in the evolution of printers, taking as domestic printing equipment and a photo CD unsurpassed quality.

Company began selling watches in Japan and about one hundred years ago, has been embroiled in a development that has led to receive large awards, considered the best teams of the year.

HP brand printers (Hewlett-Packard)

Currently is the name where deposited more confident consumers to adapt their equipment over the years and get big scores every day, thanks to its evolution and development providing fresh solutions every day.

In America is synonymous with quality and durability, the company that as time continues to offer the best for their loyal consumers.


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