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Remove the error P07 "printing pillows" on Canon PIXMA MG2210 printers

It is important to know which is the reset printer and remove P07 error and should be very careful as you should not apply this software unless you really need the printer.
remove ink absorber Canon PIXMA MG2210
remove ink absorber Canon PIXMA MG2210
When the printer arrived significant amount of pages so that the ink pads come to have a lot of ink, an error message saying that the pads are completely full and we need to take the Canon service appears.
The reset clears the number of pages printed supposed printer and returns the counters, allowing printing again, only we need to set the printer as the default again because the reset renamed adding (copy 1) in front.

For this model will need to download a software called service tool compatible with this printer, if you can not get it here look around the Internet, it is easy to get as it is the same for other old printers.

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Link to download the Service Tool compatible with Canon

You should not run the software to not get the printer to service mode is the state where the computer is connected to the printer and can make any changes to the factory settings permanently affecting the functioning and performance of the printer.

Such as to enter service mode Printer Canon PIXMA MG2210

  • The printer must be connected to the computer and have blank pages A4 (normal size)
  • We turn off the printer (by pressing the ON / OFF button)
  • We press the stop / reset button with the printer turned off (leave pressed)
  • Then press the power button at the same time the button stop / reset pressed.
  • Without releasing the power button you press the stop / reset button 5 times (the printer enters service mode)
  • Run the downloaded software previously
The program you download will have a number of options that are enabled and available for selection, the restoration is done, where it says clear ink couter, select black and then clic on set, the same for the color.

Each time you press set, you should print a page with information top of page which, indicates that this cartridge the process is completed and the counters are reset ink.

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