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Resetting the printing pads Epson Stylus CX8400

Restoring Epson printing pads, it is to tell the printer using a software that has less of printed which is stored in memory.
epson stylus cx8400 reset
epson stylus cx8400 reset
Then a series of procedures that help restore the pads downloading software from the manufacturer's website and following a procedure we have prepared without damage to the printer — takes the process the same steps we say now — in if you need some extra help, just write a comment.It is important that the printer is showing the error that will be removed, means the computer screen when printing the error appears.

This procedure only works when you want to reset the printing pads, for nothing work when the printer is jammed page or any related case of errors that have no relationship.

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It is recommended to keep the software in a safe and easy place to get for run in the future, the desktop is a good place.

Do not start the installation before reading the procedure to restore, then the link how to do, follow the steps and do nothing out of the procedure, because it can be fatal for the printer.

Any questions, or suggestions write a comment gladly be answered as quickly as possible. If you want to improve the print quality must use other tools such as head cleaning, you need to know the serial printer to restore.


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