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Tutorial to reset the pad printing Epson WorkForce 545/645

When the ink levels are reset, delete the number of pages in the printer memory, when we arrived at 15,000 impressions it is possible that the devise sent a system error saying it is necessary to change the printing pads for other to continue printing correctly.
epson printer workforce
epson printer workforce
Here is a tutorial that helps restore the pads of this printer, using a link to download the software and another to learn to use the downloaded file.
Follow the steps, if any problem occurs not forget to write a comment, you need to know what the serial printer Epson your email and full function ready to receive an email.

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Link to download software reset Epson WorkForce 545/645

Then you need the procedure as reset the printer, when it should be more careful as to make the steps in the wrong way or not correct may damage the printer completely.

Procedure to run the Epson adjustment program

If after making all the steps described here the error of pads continuing, must write a comment for help, remember to add any additional information to help identify the error.

The restoration of the pads does not improve print quality, not reset the ink levels, but will be able to print without error.


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