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What If the print carriage strikes the extremes of the printer hard

This error usually appears in Canon printers and is caused in most cases because of the coding tape.
coding tape printers Canon
coding tape printers Canon
The coding tape is transparent with two points in the end that will identify the print carriage where to stop and return to the center or at the other end, in the absence of these items or excess ink spill, cause coordination problems.
It usually appears hitting the extremes of the printer, both the left and the right, this is serious, as any other part of the printer may be damaged.

This includes sensors for the head cleaner, even physical pieces of sensitive printer and can not be abused, then the solution to these problems, always remember if you have questions or need additional assistance writing a commentary in this post.

Clean the printer ribbon coding

For what we recommend using a little moist napkin or toilet paper with alcohol use to heal wounds, because it is drier and removes stains.

Something important to know that if this tape, stains inside, means we need carefully look and see that the stain is not out is necessary change it, note that not all are equal and that will make it possible to find another printer — no easy task but that is how you can solve — otherwise the moment no other solution for this case.

If the tape is dropped again put it "very carefully"

It is possible that with the movement of the print carriage, the tape will fall this if we continue trying to print or turn the printer can be damaged is recommended look carefully into the printer, if necessary with the help of additional lighting, something like flashlights.

Carefully look at the operation and the exact position of this and put it back, do your best to not remove it completely from the printer, thus you can not go wrong of which is corresponding to each point aside, this would be fatal to the printer.

If the extra points have been spent or are no longer seen

It is time to replace the tape, unless you have a material that allows for the points again, without rubbing the sensor delete them, it is also when you should replace the tape, remember you can only do with a printer the same number or the same model.

If you have tried to do everything here and says problems persist, you must write a comment for this way we try to help, believe me gladly help.


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