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Which it is the printer reset "pad printing" or "reset ink" examples

There is a possibility that some people come to confuse the terms to express the need to repair a printer when it needs to be reset.
reset printer image
reset printer image
There are many persons applying the reset to a printer when it is not needed, in large part to Epson and Canon printers are the most frequent to present problems that are removed to restore them.
We should know that reset or reset the printer does not solve all the mistakes that may arise, for example when a printer has a paper jam, apply a software reset to pads will not repair the error related to the jammed paper.

You need to identify correctly before running any software which is the error that the printer is presenting much of the errors can be solved without the need to download a program and follow a series of procedures.

Reset printing pads

This error affecting the printer software, is normally present with errors indicating the problem of pads.

To clear this error, we need running a software that tells the computer that has not printed the number of pages that have registered with the system.

Sometimes we use the reset for any solution that does not understand the reason for the problem, you might even often need only press a button, as the case show below.

Reset ink levels in printer

Do not confuse the restoration of printing with the reset, since when the printer displays an error that you want to continue printing, you must press a button for accepting and perhaps let down for a moment.

Usually it happens when the ink levels in the cartridges — if they have reader estimates — a message of cartridges are running low and need replacing or continue printing.

Anyway... you better watch what the problem is before you download a service tool or adjustment program, as they are called to reset the printer software before running it on the computer with a printer connected, many of these programs what they do really change the configuration completely of the printer, and is not good when our team did not need it.

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