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Why the message "ink nearly exhausted" when just refill the cartridge

The ink cartridges are manufactured to print a specific number of pages, this amount when you are about to reach the limit, you begin to present levels related messages and the remaining ink amount, to remind us that we must buy ink cartridges new.
low ink or nearly exhausted
low ink or nearly exhausted
When we buy an ink cartridge in the inscription outside the package appears the number of pages that yields the consumable - should not, look in the manufacturer's website - this amount has averaged 5% it is recommended to take seriously estimates.
However, not all who are reading this post buy new ink cartridges, even being here because I really do not buy new cartridges, rather fill them.

When this message appears after filling the cartridge will not be given much importance, also... you should not be given much importance because it is normal. Even what we said at the beginning of the publication, it is a message that appears because of the number of pages we've printed.

If someday this message reaches make it impossible to print is, you can not print anything and only this on your desktop same or similar message, you must accept that you are willing to keep printing even if the printer does not have sufficient ink.

Depending on what the brand of printer, varies the method of accepting the statement and continue printing, however, if you want to remove this error actually it is a bit difficult, because the only way to do it — at least for printers modern — is replacing the ink cartridge and used by another entirely new. you may be interested in...

If the message "ink cartridges almost empty" or low ink display — remember this message varies greatly depending on the brand of printer — does not mean it will have a bad print quality.


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