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How clean the print head Canon PIXMA MG2410

We feel the need for a head cleaning when printouts are coming out with poor quality, either because missing lines or horizontal white streaks.
canon print head cleaning need
canon print head cleaning need
The cleaning is a process that have almost all modern inkjet printers Canon, with the same ink and exhaust passes quickly by uncovering injectors and improving print quality.
This process consumes a generous amount of ink, so it is recommended if you do not have sufficient ink cartridges do not, if you see your printer and ink hardly has either, can damage the connectors.

Procedure for cleaning from the printer:

  1. The printer must be on and without presenting any errors
  2. Press and let down the stop / reset button until the printer flashes twice the orange alarm button (when this happens him loose)
  3. The printer begins the cleaning process for the head
  4. Will notice that the process stops completely when the power light green
  5. While the printer is doing this procedure it is recommended not do anything
To test the quality of the prints after printing prints a page, it's even better if you print the nozzle check from the properties of the software for your Canon printer.

If even after the problem continues, it is recommended that a cleaning cartridge manually, follow the steps in the link, if you need further help just write a comment.


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