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How scanning in printers Epson L210 ink system factory

Scan from Epson printers is easy, when you have the Epson software to scan, even without having it thanks to the printer becomes an imaging device and can obtain any document or photo to be placed on the upper glass.
learn to scan for epson L210 sitemarca
learn to scan for epson L210 sitemarca
Earlier in this blog, we have seen the publication to learn how to scan the printer that is before this model, the Epson L200 printer and scan, is almost the same procedure — if not the same — because only changed equipment a little faster.
If the printer connected to the computer all the drivers installed and working properly - that is, no error appears as the tanks are empty - you can make a scanner with the push buttons on the printer.

How to scan a document by pressing the buttons on the printer

This is simple, if your computer is connected to the file correctly without any errors computer, only you need to press the button for a moment to back to B / W (black and white) and color copies at a time.

The printer scans the document and stores it in pdf format our computer, to change these functions must do so by the Epson Event Manager software.

Only change settings work in the path Start > Programs > EPSON > Event Manager, finally click OK and save the changes.

How to scan using the official application of the manufacturer (EPSON Scan)

With this tool, you can make more complex jobs that you want to scan settings, only enough to have the software installed and proceed with the process is as follows:
  1. Normally when the program is installed with the printer is usually located on the desktop, click where the name appears and start the software.
EPSON Scan for L210
EPSON Scan for L210
If you want a more specific scanner — that is change the type of format you want to receive, color scanner and other tools — click customize otherwise click scan only proceed and complete the process.

You can select the scanning mode that best suits your needs, these include:
  • Automatic mode
  • Easy mode
  • Office Mode
  • Professional mode
You can make adjustments to the results among them are:
  • Dust removal
  • Color restoration
  • Auto photo
There are other methods to scan documents is not only the official software manufacturer, among the most outstanding program used to edit images for all windows are called Paint, you might want our publication as scan using this program.

You can also scan documents but not in so many configurations to no avail that solve simple program for scanning, such as documents, images and scan any final changes without using the Windows viewer.

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