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How to know when the cartridges are empty after refilling

If we fill an ink cartridge, is stops dialing levels as when the cartridge was new. So although the ink cartridge is completely full, we will mark the error that is empty and sometimes not even to print.
error when an empty cartridge
error when an empty cartridge 
Know when the cartridge is to be filled again, it is important, is why this publication, to explain how to know when you need to refill the ink cartridge again and prevent this burning inside the printer, as often happens when printing without ink.If we fill the ink cartridges, and we know that these will not mark more ink levels, which should be taken in mind from now on it is print quality.

Means when we are printing and noticed pale quality printing, it is because the printer cartridge having time to filling it, do not leave completely empty as this will damage the cartridge connectors.

Another thing that helps determine when to refill an ink cartridge, you know how many pages you print after refilling the cartridge, normal, is that each 4ml ink cartridge roughly 100 pages if we use that goes with the printer.

Although it is not easy to know when 100 pages are printed, so you can install a counter, look at least when it considers that it is time to refill the cartridge, select a number of printed pages and then see how many.

If you fill an ink cartridge before the ink runs out completely better, This will extend the cartridge life up to 100%, which is damaged in the cartridges more often and that can not be solved are the connectors that receive information printer, these if they never get to see without ink cartridges last longer.

Do you know any way to know when to refill cartridges? explains in a comment, if you have any questions or think you need to add something to this publication we are waiting for it.


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