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How to reset Epson Expression XP-201 (Waste Ink Pad Counter)

Reset Epson pads really necessary, unless you have sufficient money to carry equipment for service and pay such a high price, such as buying a new printer.
reset Epson Expression XP-201
reset Epson Expression XP-201
This procedure will give us the ability to print many pages, as when we bought the printer for the first time.
Here you get a link, which explains how to run a software called adjustment program, step by step, without missing a detail.

Follow the steps carefully and only do what is asked, click any option that is not listed, you can configure the printer so it does not work anymore.

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Download here program for Epson Expression XP-201

As we have done before, follow the signs to get the link leave then it is very important part of the whole process.

How to execute and apply the reset to Epson printers

After the process finished, turn off the printer and disconnect electric feeder cable at least 2 minutes, this will cause the phone to delete the memory and start again as a new printer.

If you have any questions, just write a comment, gladly will be answered as quickly as possible, the team Epson Expression XP-201 is a very good printer, it is recommended to repair as far as possible as new and modern printers are lower quality.


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