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How to reset pads Epson Stylus T22

The restoration of the pads is to run software that tell the printer (the amount that has printed so far is less than the real).
epson printer t22 and restoration
epson printer t22 and restoration
To present the error pads that are filled with ink you need to print an average of 15,000 pages, quantity is reached more easily when you have a continuous ink system.
First of all we must know that the restoration of the pads not improve print quality, much less solve any other problems other than the message that the print pads are filled.

Download software Internet, running a program called Adjustment Program. The implementation of the software will follow a strict procedure to avoid damaging the printer, any step differently to that provided below may damage the printer without further repair.

Process to restore pads Epson Stylus T22

After following the procedure described above — the link to the procedure — download the program for the restoration, it may be that the name to be presented in support of printers is another, but the same reset (as readers has been tested and worked well in this model of printers).

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Download program to restore pads Epson Stylus T22

If you have any problems with the download or installation process execution just write a comment will gladly help you. Posted by +José Altagracia Paredes 


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