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How to reset pads on printers Canon PIXMA MG3110

Here in this blog will get publications on how to reset the ink levels for the same printer, but one thing has nothing to do with the other, as this procedure is to remove a bug which tend to printers when they reach their full life, ie hereafter the manufacturer advises not to continue using the printer more.
canon MG3110 printer with ink system installed
canon MG3110 printer with ink system installed
We more than anyone know when and how to buy a printer, and the fact that we led a team of such full does not mean we should buy another, maybe not the money you have or maybe just do not want to buy another printer, when in practice this procedure to restore the pads.
With this is achieved tell the printer that does not have printed the number of pages she believes and yet we can still use the printer for other more pages it has printed so far, the physical pads are a sponge that is located below the purge of the printer — the part that clean the ink nozzles — this part of the damage it does really is in the system being locked printer and print up leaving out where technician authorized by the manufacturer.

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Download the software to restore the pads here

We enter service mode of the printer — using the procedure below — is when we run the software that came before.

  • The printer must be connected to the computer and have blank pages A4 (normal size)
  • We turn off the printer (by pressing the ON / OFF button)
  • We press the stop / reset button with the printer turned off (leave pressed)
  • Then you press the power button with the button stop / reset pressed.
  • Without releasing the button, you press the stop / reset button 5 times (the printer enters service mode)
Run the downloaded software has previously when open and functioning properly where it says we clear ink counter, select black and click on set, then do the same with color cartridge.

Then we close the program and disconnect the printer, you connect again and everything should work properly, if the problem just write a comment will gladly help you.


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