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Reset pads Epson R3000 (service error)

The Epson printing pads, sponges are physically located below the purge device, system level are a number of pages to be printed to display this error.

The number of pages depends on the device, many printers reach some 15,000 pages to be blocked, other quantity is less, the fact is that when this error, we have no choice to replace the printer or take it to where repair service would have the same price to buy.
Epson Printer top cat
Epson Printer top cat
Here you get a program called Adjustment Program which allows you to restore the pads following the procedure below.
Importantly, you should follow the steps as it says the procedure, and applied only to the printer that appears in the title, not another, because it could affect the system so as to change the model on the computer.

Procedure to reset pads Epson R300

You must download a program, which presented then decompress on the desktop of your computer and run as is shown in the above link.

Reset Epson R300 printer (waste ink pad)

If you have a problem, write a comment, no matter what you have achieved the file anywhere else, it is a pleasure to help in this regard.


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