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Reset printer Canon PIXMA MG2220 solve mistake pads filled

The service tool is a tool that allows restoration of errors in Canon printers such as: 5100, P07, E500, 5B00 and more.
eliminate error p07 Canon PIXMA MG2220
eliminate error p07 Canon PIXMA MG2220
Follow the steps in this process, should not be a technician, and if it is considered to be added some important information to the case is welcome.What we must first do it is to enter service mode in the printer, for what is to follow the steps below:
  • Turn the printer off by the power button, do NOT unplug the power cord
  • Press and let down the stop / reset button (located top left button first)
  • Without releasing the stop / reset button press the button to turn the printer
  • Let down the button to turn on and release the stop / reset
  • Now press 6 times the button stop / reset
  • Finally release the power button
The printer is displayed like it is connected again on the computer (the same as when we bought it for the first time) the install again, it is not necessary, but after the restoration will need to establish it as the default again, then download the program you will need to reset the Canon PIXMA MG2220 printer.

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Link to download the tool service resetter Canon PIXMA MG2220

We download and execute the software, the following screen appears:
reset Canon PIXMA MG2220
reset Canon PIXMA MG2220
Like you can see some options on the bottom, it will be marked to absorb counter black color, they will click set, and then the same option will color and then the same (click set) message has been completed will appear us the process, we click OK, turn off the printer, close the program and when it rises again, should function correctly.

In case of not work properly just type a comment here you will gladly help immediately.


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