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Solving message "printer busy" several quick fixes

When you see this error means that the printer is receiving, processing, or printing a document, although we do not know that it is, is when it becomes an error because we can not clear the error and need to print.
printer busy and man waiting
printer busy and man waiting
The easy solution is to wait for the printer to finish the process you have and let us print, we're talking about 5 minutes.
If passing this time the problem has not been solved then follow the directions below:

  • You must go to the printing device
  • We left click, select the option to see what is being printed
  • Remove or clear what this printing equipment if they are several works select all the action and all applicable
Try to eliminate the error by resetting the printer, press the power button while the printer is open the door of the cartridge and is disconnected electric feeder cable. procedure below...
  • Disconnect the printer cable and USB power feeder
  • Open the door giving access to the cartridges and leaves open
  • Press and hold the power button
  • With the button on pressed on connecting the power feeder cable from the printer at least 7 seconds
  • Close the door giving access to the cartridges and release the power button
  • This should fix the problem
You can still try to uninstall and install the drivers again, if you do not know how to do follow the link below: How to reinstall the printer drivers

See also how to remove the print queue when the computer is not responding, remember you can post a comment, we are here to help.



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