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Which type of ink put on printers using continuous system

Printers with continuous ink system has completely revolutionized print and cost per page in recent years, while manufacturers such as Epson printers with original ink systems — imitating homemade ink systems which were before your competition — when to put ink to Epson, Brother, Canon, HP printers if these printers with continuous ink systems can be difficult to know which ink set not to damage the head.
epson printer ink system installed
epson printer ink system installed
For inkjet printers and more famous as Epson, Brother, HP, Canon exist in one form or another some changes in the quality and composition of the ink that are necessary to consider to get the best possible quality as if we used cartridges original ink.
Here is a paragraph that helps determine using printer ink, manufacturers change the way they create cartridges, depend largely on what the manufacturer.

For example HP uses pigmented ink for black and water-based cartridges for color cartridges or ink of three colors. see which are the pigment ink and water-based...

Canon in the same way that HP uses this combination of pigmented black cartridges and water-based color cartridge or ink tricolor, take into account the density of the ink because affects the printing speed.

Not because it is just the way you print to the HP and Canon printers can be considered 100% using the same ink for the two brands of printers, only the resemblance is much, a very practical way to determine which is the ink used exactly your cartridge and thus the ink system when installed, please visit the manufacturer's description of the cartridge information, here speaking of the composition of the cartridge. — all manufacturers provide this information required by the departments of health, if you do not get your look in English language. — In the United States and Europe they are more demanding and require manufacturers to provide this information.

Personally, for Brother and Epson printers, I use the same type of ink, although this can not be considered 100%, but first documented with the model, vary considerably even ink models of these printers, the difference in configuration for a photographic printer or office is much.

A post can help determine more accurately using the Epson ink cartridges, because it speaks of the possibility to put generic inks on printers with ink tanks factory.

Where to buy your printer or ink to get, try to clarify for make and model of printer ink used, this is the last option that will help us leave aside irreversible errors and retain our printer with the best quality and the performance like OEM cartridges.


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