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Solving the P02 error message in Canon MP250 printers

This problem tends to show up in our printers very frequently when we’ve stopped using it for a while, or even when we use it very little and keep it saved and stored for most of the time, jamming the cartridge rail. You can also read up on Canon codes and errors i this post; we recommend you use the Ctrl+F shortcut to search the entire entry.

Error message P-02 specifically means an error has occured transporting the cartridge carriage, which may be caused by any foreign object found in said rail: pieces of wrinkled paper, paper clips, plastic residues of some broken gear, among others.

Lack of lubrication and cleaning of the main axis, which could also be filled with paper fuzz, dust and remains of old lubricant, could also compromise the carriage’s free transit.

If you’ve installed a Continuous Ink System on this printer, then the error may have been caused by the system’s hoses: they could be in the way of the carriage, obstructing it or not allowing it to reach its final goal. In this case, all you have to do is adjust their length, making the hoses longer and allowing the carriage to move wherever it must.

You must take a good look and make sure you’ve gotten rid of whatever the cause may be

You may also be interested in learning how to refill Canon 210 Black and 211 Tricolor ink cartridges. There, you will also find a step-by-step tutorial that will help you restore your printer; we find that procedure online and haven’t tested it out in our workshop.

Turn the multifunctional printer on.
1. Press the Menu button.
2. Press SCAN + COPY + SCAN to access your printer’s Service Mode.
3. Touch the + key until you’ve reached NVRAM ACCESS.
4. Once you’re there, press OK.
5. Using the + or - keys, locate yourself in Set ABS-M Level and choose OK.
6. Lower the number shown all the way down to 0. Press OK once this has been done.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 in Set ABS-P Level and hit OK once more.
8. Press the STOP button to exit Service Mode.

Turn the printer off and back again, and it’ll be ready.
This information has been compiled from different sources.
Collaboration credits go out to Raúl.

This information is used by us in our workshop on a daily basis and, so far, it has worked out flawlessly. We recommend you follow the same steps we did to solve this problem, but keep in mind it’s only our staff’s experience with this issue and it’s not mandatory you do exactly what we did.

This post will teach you how to fix the P02 error message on your Canon MP250 printer by following eight simple steps.


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