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How to refill 901 black ink cartridges

This is one of the best cartridges nowadays; thanks to its good performance and functionality to print lase like quality pages. These cartridges are rated for about 240 pages.

As well as with the other cartridges it is advice to refill them as slow as posible and provide them with 5ml of ink. They are compatible with Officejet 4500 - G510g, Officejet 4500 Wireless G510n, Officejet J4500, Officejet J4540, Officejet J4550, Officejet J4580, Officejet J4640, Officejet J4680, Officejet 4500 - G510g, Officejet J4500, Officejet J4640, Officejet J4680 printers.

Instructions on How to Refill 901 HP black ink cartridges

Before starting it is recommended to clean the cartridges connectors; it is necessary but not mandatory since these cartridges are of good performance, however, if cartridges have not been used for a long time, there could be dried ink in the cartridge heads which is not good. It is adviced to read how to clean the cartridge heads.

When the cleaning process is finished, I repeat is not mandatory but in case you want to better do it after the third refill, continue with the refill procedure.

Step No. 1
Place the cartridge on a surface where ink spills do not cause trouble. It is recommended a surface of dark color or even flat surfaces where ink spillings can be remove easily, white or light color surfaces are not recomende since the ink cannot be removed from them.

Step No. 2

Now proceed to remove the label on the top of the cartridge indicating its number. It is recommended, before refilling the cartridge, to remove that label and so allowing entering the needed airflow for printings to have the best quality and maximun performance the cartridge was made for. Slowly remove the label to avoid it to get damaged.
several holes located in the in the back part of the cartridge can be used to disperse most of the ink
several holes located in the in the back part of the cartridge can be used to disperse most of the ink
Step No. 3
Slowly supply 5ml of ink, please very S-L-O-W, it is needed to be done this way so the ink inside the cartridge can spread well and fill the entire sponge of the cartridge.
refill ink cartridge in home
refill ink cartridge in home
Step No. 4
When the cartridge is already filled, all that is left to do is to print a test page with this cartridge, it is recommended to leave the cartridge inside the printer.

Even though this entire procedure has been followed there are ways around that something gets wrong, so please contact us through a comment on this post, we will help you immediately.
It is recommended to print a test page after filling the cartridge, to do it visit our post about how to  print a test page from Windows.

Also, a test document can be printed to identify if everything is working well. To do so, it is recommended to click on the following link. Print this test page for black cartridge. This document is easy to print

If after filling up the cartridge it continues having problems or flashings, try the following steps
Remove the ink cartridge and clean the connectors with some wet napkin.

Clean the printer connectors as well. If there is still no solution, turn the printer off and unplug it from the power supply for about 10 minutes and then plug it again and place the cartridge. If there is no change, please contact us.


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