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Error my printer does not pull pages

Pages are not completely pull or pull only a bit but the printing process does not start, we have seen this error in many printers such as HP inkjet printers and Monochrome laser printers and specifically in old models, our subject my printer pulls more than one page we have seen is due to the part that pulls the pages which is a gum is too sticky or too wet.

Then consider if the printer does not pull pages it is different to the post above, it means that the rubber is too dry or too old.

This gum is located right in the place where the pages are placed on top, this truth cannot be an excuse to throw away our old printer, the truth is that we must find a solution to this case; in this publication we will approach two possible solution to this.

Possible solution: disassemble the printer completely

The solution to this case that would leave best results would be fully disassemble the printer until you reach the part that pulls the pages and take it out of its place, try to moisten either with water or try to clean the entire surface, preferably with a wet cloth.

With this we can ensure that the pages adhere and when this piece tries to upload the pages to print carriage these will not stop or will start rolling.

Possible solution to increase the amount of pages

Also printers when they have this oldness they lose strength in the spring that drives this piece down so that the friction on pages increases, and with the time the same force is needed from the start so that the piece put the pages in the printing rail.

A good way to make that the power returns, is keeping on the loader a considerable amount of pages and always keep this amount.

When we see that the pages are falling and are approximately 10 pages we recommend to put more pages.


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