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How to reset HP 662 cartridges (CZ103AL)

This ink cartridges when they came to market in HP inkjet printers, appeared to be a promising cartridge compatibility is largely multifunctional printers supposedly business or office use.

When trying to fill this cartridge and see its characteristics we have realized that it is the same cartridge HP 122 but with another number, this ink cartridge prints only about 120 pages.
In space to fill the cartridge 662 we can only supply about 2ml ink so tiny that is the amount of foam and has this cartridge inside, there is a cartridge that can fill perhaps about twice unlike the previous cartridge endured up to 5 filled without giving problems.

There are several ways to circumvent the printer with these cartridges, some simple and some a little more complex but no less easy, the first is to clean the connectors both the cartridge and the printer.

The manufacturer of this product says it can not clean the connectors cartridge with alcohol, but when we fill these cartridges ink may fall into connectors or connector of the printer is spilled some ink.

Remove ink with alcohol help because this despite dry clean after both the cartridge and the printer connectors, raising the possibility that the contacts are connected together. (clean the printer contacts only if necessary)

Do not allow the ink runs out completely is an important tool, although this printer ink cartridge is worn completely, otherwise leave several blank pages are printed may be able to keep getting impressions nonstop with this cartridge after refilling the cartridge can get an approximate 50 pages, is recommended to install a counter of pages to find out as we reach this number of pages.
door open cartridge access
door open cartridge access
Do not close the door when removing the cartridges, all these factors will refill cartridges with longer life. It happens only when the printer detects that it has removed the ink cartridge when you close the door giving access to the cartridges without the cartridge inside.

In case we need to take the cartridge refill center recommended we remove the cartridge, the printer cable-off with electrical feeder and leave the door open with the head cartridge where they are placed and removed from the printer, when we return we put the cartridge again, close the door and connect the printer.

Follow the steps as are in this publication if the process does not stay or just type a comment in this post.


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