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How to unclog injectors of HP cartridges

HP ink cartridges are the most used, they have maintained the type of manufacturing for many years a embace sponge inside, a head with a circuit that allows you to print pages directly without a head separate ink, unlike other manufacturers.
hp ink cartridges injectors
hp ink cartridges injectors by Macroscopic Solutions
When we speak of an ink cartridge we refer to the injection, small sponge inside, no cartridges that function as heads.

Usually these are plugged's fault cartridge head, and have published to uncover a cartridge and wash sponge that has within it does not solve the problem, however cartridge function worsens as this dries the ink more easily and clog injectors quickly.

Understand that this made the ink cartridges we offer help understanding how to unclog a cartridge, this has water, glycerin "drying" and other elements for humidification despite the dye.

We must do everything possible to get inside the head and remove the ink that is plugging, i read that solutions like the one used to clean the glasses are effective, in my case i can give an option to use very often which gives approximately 100% results.

Put the cartridge in warm water is the most accurate way to uncover the hot water penetrates easily into the nozzle.

It is recommended not to let the hot water reaches the front connectors of the cartridge, in case of the connectors may be damaged cartridge.

To put ink cartridges in hot water need a embace water, boil water and space, should not have all these tools or space can use isopropyl alcohol "the same we use to heal wounds", leave this on the head cartridge, the head is where the ink comes out, this at the bottom of the cartridge and is a small line which is barely visible to the naked eye.

We left a considerable time, at this time alcohol should enter the head and dissolve the ink that hinders the passage.

Use inks that are not corresponding to the cartridge is very bad, this may cause plugged into the cartridges, it is recommended to use the constant cartridge or sometimes as once a week.

You can view other options in this blog as uncovering the cartridge in my own home, this is a process a little easier but less effective.


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