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Remove paper jam printers Kyocera FS-1016MFP

All printers have a different procedure to remove a paper jam, just have the same procedure some of the printers series, now introduce the method to do the Kyocera FS-1016MFP printer.

Follow the steps as were raised then if the problem continues contact us.

Important to know:

Paper jams usually occur because of problems with the role, if we use a role that is not using the printer is possible that a paper jam may end even damaging the printer is generated, another thing when above the paper or where is the paper input tray reaches introduced trash or debris dust even insects.
It is advised not use paper that has already been used before, do not let staples and clicks. Clean the site before going to the printer, and verify that all is well.

If the paper jam has already been done, stop the printing process, the following is taking action to clear the jam and information usually comes as do the documentation provided by the manufacturer, if it does not have recommended download for your printer having from the website of the manufacturer's manual.

Be careful with electricity from the printer, where the page is jammed places that can deliver an electric shock, do your very precautions in, if possible unplug the printer to prevent damage.

Also beware the printer fuser is through which the paper to paste the toner to the paper, is the last process and requires much heat, it can be burned if not careful.

If the paper does not eject fully:

The steps are opening the door to rear access to the printer, this is normally used to remove jammed paper, a lot of users do not know, keep slope as the best option to remove a paper jam is for this medium when people can not see the paper in the front of the printer, ie the output tray. view image...
kyocera printer backdoor
kyocera printer backdoor

Open the front door giving access to the toner

This is where you have to be more careful with the fuser unit, it can burn, look well that the paper has a chance to go this way, should be isa what we pull carefully printer, if we do it very fast or strong we may damage the product or break and leave pieces of paper this is a bigger problem.

If you can disconnect the power feeder printer, raise the part of the scanner and to the front door giving access to the toner unit.
kyocera remove paper jam
kyocera remove paper jam
If the error has been removed after removing the toner, put everything in place, make sure the paper with the printer is not wrinkled, if even after removing the pages the follow error should review carefully whether it has been remained a small piece of paper that is pushing a sensor, try to remove with pliers if necessary, plug in and turn on the printer, and monitor your working, try applying the knowledge acquired in this publication to avoid paper jams printers, as mentioned above may even damage the printer.


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