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What to do when the printer does not pull paper

There are several reasons that the printer does not pull the paper when sent to print, the most important is because we do not actually identify the printer pulls, then we will raise a number of procedures that can be used both to identify because the pages are not pulled to solve the problem.
The printer is possible that over time the pieces that this has and uses for full operation start to have problems, that is worn or damaged, the time just yet and a printer is no exception is possible that the rubber that used to take the paper from the tray this very dry.

You can find more help in our publishing solution to problems when the printer does not pull the pages of the tray.

The process is simple, we can more pages if your printer does not have the strength to pull the pages because the pages are not we closer to the printer, do not need more space to carry the printing process.

It is possible that the type of pages you use is not appropriate for the printer, it is recommended to verify that the printer prints pages supports this use, be aware that not all pages are printed by the printer you use.

Finally, see if the tabs that position the pages in the center of the tray are not obstructing the page to the printing process if so make the product comes right in the middle without any obstruction, if necessary mobilize the page for yourself whoever it checked.


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