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As do "cleaning" injectors in Canon printers

There is normal for cleaning injectors Canon printers procedure, but it is possible that this may not work, so it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning of the nozzles, this way there is more opportunity to make our cartridge works properly again.
Thorough cleaning makes the same function as normal cleaning, only this more strongly, helping to unclog more cartridge nozzles.

As time passed and the number of pages printed, even printers with ink system, greatly affects the cartridges, ink waste are reduced print quality so that we will receive stripes and pale colors.
head cartridge by DBreg2007
head cartridge by DBreg2007
Before making thorough cleaning, we recommend trying the normal cleaning - which appears at the beginning of the publication - this way avoiding spending much ink, as we said at first the ink is who uncovers the injectors, and head cleaning thoroughly consume much ink cartridge.

You need to get to the printing devices, is the only thing that changes depending on which operating system you have, our publication as recommended reach printing devices depending on which operating system states using.

Already in the devices and printing, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to the printer properties you want to do a thorough cleaning
  • After printing preferences (you can be reached directly by selecting this option in the dropdown)
  • Already in printing preferences, we must locate the right top of the window and select maintenance
  • On the left side of all that we have, the second option will thorough cleaning, we left here and hope the process
  • You can choose to clean all colors or only the black ink cartridge
After cleaning, you can make an alignment of the nozzles, this will help to see the quality that has the printer after the process. Remember if you have any questions or suggestions write a comment, I will gladly help you.


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