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Reset printing pads for Epson Stylus NX215

It usually occurs an error in the computer screen indicating that "printing pads are completely full," we must bringing our printer Epson support, which will be an expense — for some very high — and that is not within the time guaranteed because it is just when the printer loses.
reset Epson Stylus NX215
reset Epson Stylus NX215
Even the manufacturer recommends this error when you change the printer appears, but maybe we do not have the money to do it, moreover restoration and changing pads if done with the manufacturer can also be a high cost.
The following procedure will be from the manufacturer's website making a download of original software and need to know the serial printer, model and have a valid email so that we get the link.

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Download the software for reset the printer Epson Stylus NX215

It is important not start running this software before reading and how to run properly, so avoid printer damage that can be caused by pressing a button when it is not correct.

After the reset you may need to set the printer as the default again, as this can add a number or different description when printing pads is restored, for example (copy 1).

How to run the software reset Stylus NX215

Is important to know restoring the pads not improve print quality, much less make ink levels return to normal — as when the printer was new — if you receive any error that just do not know how to remove, first enter a coment.

Do not use this reset for any error that has the printer, only to restore the pads will function correctly, and other options that are not described in this tutorial.


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