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How to do a factory like reset to 4500 Hp Officejet printer

There are occasions in which this type of printers just stay doing nothing,  we sent to scan but it doesn’t, we try to send a fax but it doesn’t either or we just want to print but the printer shows errors in the cartridges.

When resetting the printer hardware or as we can call it "hard reset" these printers are set up as they were the first day we use them, we even have to go into printer settings and set a different default printer because even the name has changed, usually just add (copy 1) in front.

The  4500 Officejet printers are printers that use 901 cartridges which we have already posted how to refill a 901 HP black ink cartridge and how to refill a 901 HP tri color ink cartridge, note that it is advisable to refill these cartridges since they are really expensive, the most expensive ones of their kind nowadays.

If the printer is given us problems It is worthy to try to fix it because of the cartridges performance and the functions that can be done with this one, so much so that it is the first domestic use printer which can be configured through a wireless network.

Something that cannot be repaired unless you are a technician is when 4500 HP officejet printers begin to crash into the wall on the right side where the cartridges are placed.
That is something that cannot be solved with the factory like reset, we can use the resetting to eliminate an error caused by the cartridges, of course  after cleaning the cartridges, also we can use the resetting to if the printer presents any other unknown error with this procedure can be deleted.

It is worth noting that these printers usually have  very peculiar little paper jams and they are from factory. Procedure to perform the reset or factory like reset for the 4500 HP officejet printer.

  • Turn off the printer, to do so use the ON/OFF button located in the front panel, it is not needed to unplug the printer from the power supply.
  • In our keyboard which we use to send faxes and select the number of copies we want press and do not release the number "9"key and the "#"button.
  • Now turn on the printer without releasing the number "9"key and the "#"button. Do not release the buttons mentioned before yet. In the printer screen a square. Take a look of this square until it is gone while still pressing the buttons.
  • Now in the printer screen will appear some of the same options for setting up the printer as the day it was bought. Select language, time, zone, etc.  We put everything in order as we did when we bought the printer.
At this point the printer is fully fabric like reset, in case you have any other problem get in contact with us by leaving a comment in this post.


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