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Remove error "no scan options" on HP Multifunction Printers

Possibly we are trying to scan and the message without scanning option on the screen of the computer, we may be trying to scan from the front panel of the printer.

It is possible that the message that we contact Technical Support to try to fix the error accompanied by the error in the computer screen appears.
Below we present a series of procedures to help resolve such errors, make them as set out below and if you have some questions please contact us through to a commentary in the same issue.

This error can happen in much of multifunctional, clear HP printers because these are the ones scanner, but usually occurs mostly in photosmart printers.

The first thing to do is restart the printer and the computer, if the printer can either disconnect and reconnect the printer and press the front panel where it is in power button for the printer you choose the process better you do, we recommend turning off the computer through the operating system.

If you have an emergency you can make a document scanner visiting our publication how scanning a document, for it does not need to press the scan button on the printer.

If restarting the printer and the computer the problem is not resolved, the recommendation is to run a program that helps identify what the problem really is the printer, this is called HP diagnostic utility, run the utility and see diagnosis gives an error, the process will tell you how to fix it. If after running the diagnosis does not have a solution follow the steps below.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver again, it is sometimes necessary to this process, it is possible that some driver file has been corrupted, reinstalling the drivers completely resumed corresponding database to the printer driver.

Note that when uninstalled the drivers is more appropriate that the printer is not connected to the computer, you can also uninstall all related accessories and reinstall only the basic driver that will allow us to print documents and scan this we got on the Internet.


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